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Cross-Cultural Communication & Leadership
From Local to Global  (International Career Skills for Asians)
International Meeting & Convincing Skills 
Working Together – From Concept to ACTION
Executive Coaching (Cross Cultural Management)
How to Create + Present Convincing Money Making Business Proposals (for International Business)
 And…. Specially Designed Programs

Hans - Photo (Senior Course Director) = UpdatedJune Unland - Website Photo (NEW version)WELCOME TO CROSS-WAYS
We  i n t e r n a t i o n a l i z e  your people 

Cross-Ways is a European company based in Asia that operates and delivers programs to clients all over the Asian region.

We specialize in providing tailor-made Cross Cultural Communication training, Cross Cultural Consulting and Executive Coaching for Western multinational organizations operating in Asia, and for large local Asian companies operating internationally.  

Although we have become known for being “a passionate great little company“, we have over the years trained over 15,000 people (from 58 nations) on how to communicate and work effectively in multinational work environments; helping Westerners/non-Asians get a better understanding of the cultural differences of working and leading people in Asia, and helping local Asian talent to become more successful when working and making a career in a Western business environment.

We have over 25 years of Asia-specific (in-country) professional experience in the fields of International Business, Training & Development, Management Consulting and Executive Coaching. Our educational backgrounds are in Social Anthropology, Eastern Philosophy, Behavioural Science, Pedagogy, Business Administration, Cross-Cultural Management and Intercultural Communication.




This is without doubt one of the very best programs I have ever attended and I can strongly recommend any Chinese (or other Asians) who is interested in making a successful career in a Western multinational to attend this program. It will be one of the best career investments you ever did “

        Adam Zhang     (Director of Business Management, Jabil )



“I give this course a solid endorsement and would recommend it to any company that is dealing with culturally diversity issues. “

       Charles K. Stevens  (Vice President Finance, GM – ASEAN Operations)



” This” Skills of Cross-Culture Communication” training with Cross-Ways, is one of the most beneficial classes I have ever attended ! “ 

        Xilin  Li    (General Manager – Bayer-Coatings)



“It was one of the best development programs that I’ve participated in during my 30 year professional career !  It was quite enlightening to realize that there was so much that I could learn in two days of cultural interaction that I had not learned in over 15 years of international business travel”

        Rick Coleman     (Director, Supply Chain Operations, Lexmark International)



Thanks most sincerely for the training Cross-cultural Communication, which is one of the best training programs that I have attended. This training impressed me deeply because of the careful and closely linked course organization, course design with combined Chinese & Western culture and interactive situations, teacher of great profession and dedicated spirit, which all bring me an exquisite feast for learning cross-cultural communication knowledge.”

        Jenny Wang     (Vice President, CIMC Raffles Offshore Yantai)



” Dear Hans !

Thanks for the remarkable training day (“Local to International”) !

Your inspiring presentation and every detail design of the workshop make LTI a masterpiece on my training calendar.  Thank you ! “

        Dora Zhong     (HR Manager – ITW China Automotive)

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