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Cross-Cultural Communication & Leadership
From Local to Global  (International Career Skills for Asians)
International Meeting & Convincing Skills 
Working Together – From Concept to ACTION
Executive Coaching (Cross Cultural Management)
How to Create + Present Convincing Money Making Business Proposals (for International Business)
 And…. Specially Designed Programs

How We Work

The starting point for our programs is always that THE GROUP – and how they perceive different issues and situations – is our main material. This is both in terms of the choice of topics and issues to be covered, and also, when discussing how the solutions and action plans for identified issues should look like

Secondly, in our workshops you will NOT have to sit and watch boring PowerPoint presentations and listen to someone lecturing about facts and theories. Because to us – and as a lot of research has already proven – that is not an effective way to conduct training.

The reason for the above approach is that 25 years of experience in the field of international leadership training and education has taught us that, in order for training to be effective and yield sustainable results, the training must focus on concerns, issues and benefits that are of personal importance and relevance to the participants (as they perceive their current work situation).  

Therefore – even though our programs are based on extensive research – instead of lecturing about theories our trainers main focus will be on facilitating an interactive and highly participative process where they will guide the group members through a series of activities carefully designed to bring out answers and sustainable solutions to problems the group face in their professional roles (in relation to the topic discussed).

To ensure that the learning climate is stimulating, fun and effective throughout the training, we alternate between the use of a number of different training methods, such as: short inspiring lectures, role-plays, work-case analysis, simulation activities, small- and large-group discussions and various group games.

If you want to know what people think about our approach, have a look at this tab: What People Say About Us



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