United Nations (5 programs)
IKEA (119 programs)
BMW (18 programs)
Ericsson (48 programs) ericsson
Chevron (27 programs)
GM (14 programs)
Michelin (11 programs)
Bayer (8 programs)
Mazda (9 programs)
Novartis (4 programs)
Wärtsilä (16 programs)
Givaudan (8 programs)  gl
Ford (9 programs) ford
Triumph (6 programs) reTrium
Sara Lee (5 programs) sararee
ADVA Optical (5 programs) adva
Lexmark  (4 programs) lexmark
Volvo (32 programs) revolvo
Daimler/BYD (22 programs) BYD
Astra Zeneca (3 programs) astra
Tetra Pak (3 programs) retetra
Fancl (3 programs) fancl
Shangri-La (3 programs) shang
Schindler (11 programs) reSch
Petro China (15 programs) repetro
Cross-Cultural Communication & Leadership
From Local to Global  (International Career Skills for Asians)
International Meeting & Convincing Skills 
Working Together – From Concept to ACTION
Executive Coaching (Cross Cultural Management)
How to Create + Present Convincing Money Making Business Proposals (for International Business)
 And…. Specially Designed Programs

Our Consultants

Cross-Ways has over the years gained the loyalty and trust of serving some of the biggest multinationals in the world (including many Fortune 500 companies).

Despite fierce competition, and without ever using public advertising or professional marketing, we are year after year being chosen as our clients’ “Preferred Supplier” for cross culture training programs.

How do we do it? 

The answer is that… WE CARE ABOUT WHAT WE DO, AND WE CARE ABOUT OUR CUSTOMERS …. and we do what we promise in our Mission Statement: 

1)  To never take on an assignment unless we are 100 % confident we can do it very well.  

2)  To give our customers an exceptional and unforgettable training experience  by giving them a world-class standard cross cultural training program that is always very well prepared, very effective & relevant,  and executed in a highly professionally way.


The rest (getting clients) is taken care of by the power of “word of mouth”. (see Testimonials)


Being a company that takes our Mission Statement seriously – and being well aware of the fact that our reputation is our most important asset – it is of outmost importance to us to that all of our trainers are highly skilled and exceptionally professional in their field of expertise.


Therefore, to qualify as a trainer for Cross-Ways, our trainers need first of all to be highly experienced in their particular area of specialty and – before they can pass the long checklist of qualifying criteria for becoming a “Cross-Ways Certified Trainer” – they must undergo an intensive process of training and co-facilitating with our expert trainers.



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