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Cross-Cultural Communication & Leadership
From Local to Global  (International Career Skills for Asians)
International Meeting & Convincing Skills 
Working Together – From Concept to ACTION
Executive Coaching (Cross Cultural Management)
How to Create + Present Convincing Money Making Business Proposals (for International Business)
 And…. Specially Designed Programs

Our Programs

Our Cross Cultural Communication Programs

The programs we offer are based on extensive research we conduct (on a regular basis) with Western multinationals operating in the Asian region. The purpose of this research is to identify what type of cross-cultural issues our clients are facing, and then ensure our programs effectively address their needs, which are commonly:

A)  To help our clients overcome issues related to the challenges of working in cross-cultural teams (such as communication problems / misunderstandings / lack of trust, etc.).

B)  To help their Western managers and technical experts working in Asia acquire a better understanding of the dynamics of working in Asia and show them how to adapt their behavior and management approach to a style more appropriate for the Asian cultural context.

C)  To develop local Asian talent who are aspiring to make a career in a Western multinational on how to overcome culturally based differences in thinking, behavior and approach to work, that may be blocking them from being effective in their professional roles when working in an international organization.

All of our programs have one theme and goal in common – to create an awareness of cross-cultural differences and how these differences impact the way we think, behave, communicate and do business with each other.


Depending on your cultural background, your work situation and what particular challenges and needs you may have, we will design and guide you through a tailor-made program that gives you the tools, knowledge and understanding you need for succeeding when working in an international / cross-cultural business environment (to turn that potential liability into a potent asset).

For our ASIAN clients, the focus is normally on helping Asian employees to succeed better when working in a Western multinational organization, and to show them cross-cultural skills that will enable them to operate and lead people anywhere internationally.  And when they learn this, a whole new world of opportunities will open up for them …

Ahead of designing this program, we have conducted more than 3,000 research interviews with Western managers working in Asia about their experience of working with Asian employees.  

When analyzing the findings, a very clear pattern emerges showing that many of the behaviors and thinking patterns that are typical among many Asians are in direct conflict with important Western business values, and therefore seen as negative behaviors among Western managers. 

However culturally correct and desirable many of these behaviors and values may be in an Asian-to-Asian context, our findings show that they are unfortunately blocking Asians from getting promoted and reaching higher positions in Western multinationals operating in Asia.

With ASEAN (AEC 2016) fast approaching – and with this knowledge at hand, using our thorough understanding of the local culture as a base – we will coach you through a 3-step cultural adaption process where you will learn the behavioural codes and communication skills that are necessary to understand and master in order to make a successful career in an international company.

For our WESTERN clients, our specialty is to help Westerners who are working in Asia to acquire the cultural knowledge, understanding and skills they need in order to be able to navigate successfully though the myriad of cultural differences they will encounter in their assignment. 

With more than 25 years of experience working with Asians (in-market) – and after completing more than 7,000 research interviews with Asians working in Western multinationals – we have accumulated a deep understanding of what Asian employees think and feel about working with Expatriates.

In our programs, we will share that experience with you. We will show you how to lead, inspire, motivate and retain local talent, and we will tell you how to make local employees adhere to an international mode of operation and Western standards of quality.

We will also show you how to develop inexperienced local talent into top quality managers that can operate in an effective and professional way on a local as well as an international level.

We currently offer the following cross cultural communication training workshops and executive business coaching programs to cover the specific groups, needs and issues that our research has identified:


•  Cross Cultural Communication & Leadership 

•  From Local to Global (International Career Skills for Asians)

  International Meeting & Convincing Skills

•  Working as a TEAM – From Concept to ACTION

•  Executive Coaching (Cross-Cultural Management)

•  How to Create and Present Convincing Money Making Business Proposals (for International Business)

                 And… Specially Designed programs 


          * For more information regarding individual programs, please contact us for details.



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